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Welcome! THE BOX COMPANY is a Retail Shop selling Cash and Carry quality corrugated carton boxes for moving, product packing, shipping, office documents storing and transporting needs.

Our shop is located at 4th Floor in Endah Parade (Sri Petaling Aeon Big, formerly Carrefour) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Malaysia Moving Boxes, Carton Boxes, Box Shop, Supplier

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Malaysia Moving Boxes, Carton Boxes, Box

  Mini Box - RM 33.00 (Pack of 5 Boxes)
  Small Box - RM 47.50 (Pack of 5 Boxes)
  Medium Box - RM 56.50 (Pack of 5 Boxes)
  Large Box - RM 58.50 (Pack of 5 Boxes)
The White Box   The Mini White Box   Protective Wraps   Bubble Wrap Bags   OPP Tapes  
corrugated carton white box   corrugated carton mini white box   bubble wrap malaysia   bubble wrap bags malaysia   opp masking tapes  
Needs smaller boxes, especially to pack assorted items, the White Box with flaps is surely a good choice.   The mini white box is designed for smaller contents. A perfect choice for online business delivery!   Also known as bubble wrap are great for packing super large items like TV, Monitors, CPU, Beds, Sofa, etc.    Bubble Wrap Bags are made to protect your products before they even go into the boxes. It guards contents from the inside.   Just in case you need some tapes while picking up your boxes.  
Easy Access for Klang Valley Customers
Our box shop is conveniently located inside Endah Parade in Sri Petaling which is easily accessible using major Expressways. Most Klang Valley customers will find us within reach between 15-30 minutes driving distance.

We are a 100% Carton Box Specialize Store
When you enter our store, you only see boxes and our experienced and friendly customer service consultant.

Heavy Duty Double Wall Boxes
Our heavy duty and durable boxes are made with high quality double wall materials designed to protect contents during handling, transporting and shipping. Using cheap, low quality, used and sometimes free boxes defeats the key purpose of contents protection.

Professional and Business Friendly Packing Boxes
All our packing boxes come with industry standard shipping marks. It shows that you mean business to your customers.

Ready Made Boxes with Ready Stocks
We have always aim to maintain an optimal level of inventory at all times, so that you can buy it immediately whenever you need it.

Quick Collect and Go
Considering the size and bulkiness of boxes, picking up your orders is an easy task with us. With ample parking space, you can park your car right in front of the elevator that brings you straight to our shop. Rain or shine, you get your goods fast in a convenient and comfortable manner.

  Hands-on Boxes Test Fitting
We know you canít really buy boxes just by seeing pictures and text descriptions online. You have got to try them. Test fitting is free and you can test as many times and as long as you like. What products are you shipping? How many units do you wish to pack in a box? Which box is the best suited option for your contents? Bring your products to our shop, and start pack testing today.

Online Orders and Delivery
Tried and tested our boxes? Used them before? Know exactly what you need? Email us to order. We can deliver to you.

Over 10,000 People like us on Facebook
Many of them are our customers, fans and friends. Thatís probably because since 2006, our company has been consistently providing packaging products to customers with reasonable prices and never ever compromise on quality. If you are a customer who has liked us, we want to say thank you.

Bulk Buy Benefits
If you buy a little more than usual, do ask us for our extra bulk buy benefits. It is a little secret we keep to reward our most loyal customers.

100% Brand New, Good Quality & Reasonable Price
In short, we sell a good variety of brand new quality boxes at good prices.



For professionalism, hygiene and contamination-free reasons, always insist on new boxes.   Good variety of boxes sizes to cater to moving & relocating house/office, businesses product packing and shipping.   High quality heavy duty double wall carton boxes. Designed for contents protection during handling, and transporting.   We strongly suggest you to bring your contents to test fit into the boxes. Physical trying is the best way to match your needs.   No minimum order! You can buy as little as 5 boxes per size. Free up your working space. Order only when needed.  
Lot 3A-049, 4th Floor Endah Parade, No. 1 Jalan 1/149E,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel (603) 9056 5348 Fax (603) 9056 5349 Email