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The Box Company is a retail box shop supplier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its box/boxes for sale in Malaysia. You have tried searching for corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, carton box malaysia, packing boxes, storage box malaysia, box packaging malaysia, boxes malaysia, packaging boxes malaysia, box packaging malaysia, buy boxes malaysia or packaging box malaysia etc, this is what you need.

We sell boxes and box supplies in Malaysia. The Box Company located at 4th Floor in Endah Parade Sri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur within Klang Valley, Malaysia. Customers can choose to buy moving carton box or boxes at our shop or buy and order moving and shipping boxes online. Yes, you can order boxes online.

Packaging Box Supply Store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Packaging Box Supply Store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We sell cardboard box, shipping boxes, home moving boxes, general moving boxes, big large boxes, carton box, packing box, corrugated cartons box and packing supplies in various sizes. They are all Cardboard Corrugated Carton Packaging Boxes. Corrugated Carton Box or corrugated fiberboard box is not paper box and is generally stronger.

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Carton Boxes for moving, storage, shipping, packing, packaging, and document storing.

It is a need that we aim to fulfill. People have often asked, where can I get, or where to get and find carton boxes, packing boxes, large carton box, cartons for packing, boxes for packing, packing materials or packaging supplies for moving and shipping for a small fee, that is cheap or for free. Where do you look for moving carton box companies? Head straight to our shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You will find what you need. We stock up boxes so that you can get them immediately when you need them.

Need boxes for moving? A segment of our Malaysia customers buy our empty boxes for moving. They are boxes for moving or to move house, home, offices and factories. Known as moving box or removal boxes, our standard home or house moving boxes are extremely durable, strong and heavy duty. Check out our web site for standard and budget moving box prices in variety of sizes. Due to its the double wall and high quality of the moving boxes, they are mostly reusable as storage box after moving. Our moving cardboard boxes are highly popular in the consumer market.

We are also selling boxes wholesale for corrugated cardboard carton boxes for moving and shipping boxes in Malaysia. Professional movers, moving companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies, products distributors, exporters, traders, online sellers, etc are among our large shipping boxes customer users.

For business users, our boxes can be used as freight boxes, and cardboard packing box for shipping. Home users can also use our large box for moving and storage. All boxes come with professionally design printed shipping marks making additional box printing not necessary. Our boxes are also designed to be mailing friendly. Many customers are using our boxes as cardboard corrugated mailing box to send goods and personal belongings using Malaysia courier companies, PosLaju and Pos Malaysia. Companies are also using our Archive Box as file boxes or storage boxes for documents.

We understand some will prefer to use free boxes for moving house, packing and shipping. These free boxes are usually used boxes, second hand boxes, less sturdy, less hygienic, less standardize, less professional and contaminated. Our boxes are not free, but reasonably price and quite cheap. They are guarantee new with exceptional quality. See them, touch them and try them at our shop before you buy.

Need custom made boxes? Need many thousands of shipping or packaging boxes at very regular intervals like FMCG companies? Custom made specifically to your box packaging design, sizes, with logo, custom box printing, customized box die cut, etc? Go straight to this list of reputable Malaysia Cardboard Corrugated Carton Boxes Packaging Manufacturers –

Our boxes are Business Ready! Complete with professional handling shipping marks. You business is growing, and you may want to consider the flexibility of ordering as and when needed. Choose the size that is most suitable for you. Pick and go!